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My name is Elange Jean Pierre, mother of a 6 year old boy with autism. I am confronted every day with the lack of resources available to help families like mine. I knocked on the doors of several resources but unfortunately the availability or services were never adapted to my reality.

In December 2020, I asked a very important question to my child’s school principal: “Is there a childcare service for people with disabilities?” She replied that this service doesn’t yet exist, but that we should create it! It was the biggest revelation of my life!

Following this meeting, I was finally able to understand why we’ve been waiting over 3 years for a respite service on Montreal’s South Shore. The number of existing child care spaces are limited, in addition to the decreasing number of available sitters since the pandemic has decreased, this obviously creates a feeling of helplessness among families!

I now felt an urgent need to create something to help families who have autistic children ages 5 and up and adults up to 21 years old. I decided to create my own respite and babysitting network to overcome all the difficulties that I encounter day after day.

In January 2021, I created Répit Absolu.

We are a team of qualified and competent attendants and educators.

Our mission is to contribute to the growth in the number of places in childcare / respite services and the recruitment of qualified personnel in order to improve the lives of families in need and increase their feeling of security.

For our first year, we were able to offer babysitting and home respite services throughout the Montérégie région.

Home services have already started since April 2021.





Our administrative office is located at 220- 370 Nobert Blvd,
Longueuil, Quebec J4B 6G7.

Come and see us!

Our story

Our first year

Since we started Répit Absolu, we are offering babysitting and respite services at home and you can benefit from transportation with any package. We hire qualified personnel via the Emploi Québec website and directly from schools.

Our latest

As of September 16, 2021, Répit Absolu is an official dispatchers for the Commission des transports du Québec.

We wish to take possession of our first adapted vehicle by October 2021. We are also targeting the establishment of a first respite home by 2023.

Our future projects

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