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Respite service for parents of autistic people
with or without physical and intellectual disabilities

Our mission: Giving a helping hand to caregivers
of people living with autism spectrum disorder

Our values

Our values are based on social empathy. We take care of our employees to create a more motivated and enthusiastic work environment to achieve our goals so we can understand what parents of autistic people experience on a daily basis.



We promote respect for ourselves and others through empathy, mutual aid, equality and fun for all.

Our respite services for parents of people with autism

Are you the parent of someone with autism? Are you exhausted? Would you like to take a break for a full day or for a fixed period of time? Are you looking for a babysitter specialized in autism?

Répit Absolu offers many services to help parents and caregivers of people with autism.

Gardiennage à domicile

New service: Paratransit

We offer a paratransit service for people with autism everywhere in the Monteregie region, regardless of the time of day.

Our mission

We offer essential services responding to a crying need for respite and babysitting for people with autism ages 5 and up.

Our goals

By the end of 2021, we will be offering a paratransit service for people with autism throughout the Monteregie region, regardless of the time of day. Our team has undergone specialized training at the Centre de formation de transport routier. Although 9% of taxis are accessible, they are not readily available due to the lack of contracts with paratransit organizations or with the health and education network.

By 2024, we wish to set up our first respite home for people with autism between the ages of 5 and 21 on Montreal's South Shore.

We are looking for funding to help families afford our services.

Assessing your needs

Our team can meet you to assess your needs so you can balance your work and family life. We can give you key tools to provide better support in your daily life.

Répit Absolu offers you a unique network of respite, babysitting and adapted transportation throughout the Monteregie region. Our employees are qualified and experienced, ready to adapt to your reality. We understand your needs by targeting the problem and providing our support.

In the media

Valérie Leonard

I really appreciated the friendly and professional service when my son needed a babysitter. I knew he was in good hands and that they would take care of him with respect. I will definitely call Répit Absolu to help me when necessary. It's a service that came in handy when I needed it badly.

TV interview

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